Tired Radio - Lousy Thanks



1. Dead & Gone: The Sequel (Mo’ Dead Mo’ Gone)
2. Tales of a Cosmic Schmuck
3. Down in Flames
4. He’s Comin’ For Everyone (Interlude)
5. Old Keys
6. Lousy, thanks.


“Lousy, thanks.” is the follow-up EP to Tired Radio’s impressive debut, Patterns. Recorded by Gary Cioni and Mixed by Matt Weber at Gradwell House, the songs on this EP range from full-throated sing-alongs to quiet, contemplative moments best served in solitude.

The hallmarks of Anthony Truzzolino’s songwriting - self-effacing earnestness and gut-wrenching honesty - remain a constant force throughout. Kevin Daly’s dynamic drumming, Chris Schmidt’s searing leads and Jason St. Angelo’s penchant for groove lend clear growth to these 5 songs. What started as an outlet for Truzzolino’s bedroom recordings has evolved into a four-headed, fire-breathing, heart-on-its-sleeve monster. And he’s comin’ for everyone.