The Notwist - NOOK


01. Belle De L'ombre / Walk On
02. Unsaid, Undone
03. Welcome Back
04. Nook
05. No Love
06. The Incredible Change Of Our Alien
07. This Sorry Confession
08. Another Year Without Me
09. One Dark Love Poem
10. The Only Thing We Own
11. I'm A Whale


Nook is the second album by The Notwist, released in 1992. This early record by Weilheim’s finest is likely to trip up anyone coming from "Neon Golden" and exploring the 'Twists back catalog.
A feedback drenched blast through some excellent songs, this is a solid slabof metal and hardcore-influenced indie rock, with only the atypical (for this style) vocals providing any clue to where Notwist would start to go next. It's excellent as a stand-alone record and back in the day it was one of my all-time faves, just don't expect ethereal.