Sweet Empire – Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us


1.  Wire
2.  The Abattoir
3.  The Breakfast Club Revisited
4.  Rosa
5.  Soapbox
6.  Business Bastards
7.  Black Crops & Green Seas
8.  Army Boys
9.  Unsolving Problems (In The Animal Kingdom)
10. Pretty
11. Prometheus
12. A Place In The Sun
13. Burning Bibles


Four friends, sharing a love for independent music, came together somewhere in a small town in Holland in the summer of 2008 to establish their own musical kingdom: Sweet Empire. They started to create songs that are melodic and playful, yet with a dead serious undertone. Bringing to mind bands like Descendents and Dag Nasty, among others. The band has a strong opinion on animal rights, each other’s record collections, the environment, politics, and the great hoax: organized religion. Sweet Empire is a socially/politically involved melodic punk rock band from Holland.