Mobina Galore – Live At Park Theatre

Veröffentlicht am: 1. Oktober 2022



Mobina Galore from Winnipeg/Canada are already playing in their own league! This female Duo is one of the best live bands out there right now. This is finally captured on a recording! Incl. 1 new song “Whiskey Water” !

“In 2020 when everything shut down, Winnipeg had a small window that summer where indoor venues could put on extremely limited capacity, fully seated shows so us and our local best buds, The Ripperz, decided to throw a fundraiser show for The Park Theatre who, like so many of us, were going through a tough time. It turned into two sold out nights in a row so I thought, well this is going to be weird and amazing and beautiful, let’s record both nights and see what we can create from it. Those two shows turned out to be the only shows we played that year.

It was a strange time for live music, but the feeling in the room those two nights is something we will never forget and we are so thrilled to have those memories pressed to spin at 33rpms.

It gave us a chance to put a range of our songs, old and new, into a live setting context and reflect the energy of our live shows. It’s also a great way for fans to get a taste of it all in one place. This show was the first time we played our song “Whiskey Water” which if you listen closely will notice some lyrics have changed since we originally wrote it.”