Guerilla Poubelle - L'ennui



1. Les frontières du présent
2. La chute
3. Qui perd perd
4. Apocalypse
5. La bataille de Paris
6. Entre Booba et Balkany
7. La casse du siècle
8. L'aigle et la foudre
9. Passer l'arme à droite
10. Vampire
11. La guerre des pauvres
12. L'argile
B7Mare Nostrum


Alright Pierre, let’s go over the facts: This is GP’s second LP with Red Scare; this
album is even better; and Guerilla Poubelle is the biggest punk band in Paris, France.
We’re off to a good start. What you need to know is that “L’ennui” is not only a strong
outing for the Frenchman, this new one has all their talents on display. There’s
catchy pop-punk, hardcore songs, and the rowdy anthems we’ve come to expect
from Guerilla Poubelle. Plus the lyrical content on here is extra fiery. À La Flambé, if
you will. Apparently the French have been real pissed lately? So if you wanna brush
up on your Français and you’re into bands like Arms Aloft, RVIVR, Against Me!, and
Strike Anywhere... this is the album for you