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Dowth - Dowth

Dowth - Dowth

Label: DIY
Release: 17 May 2016


01. Seed of discontent
02. A tngueless bell
03. Glen of crows
04. The wll at drombeg
05. Wickerface
06. Francis speaks
07. Planxty kleran nunget
Dowth are a Dublin based two-piece band who fuse acoustic instrumentation from Melodica and Fiddle to sample based beats and synth drones. They create heavy, atmospheric music which draws inspiration from the concept of 'the otherworld' in Irish folk and mythology. Dowth came together through the community cross section of folk and punk scenes in Dublin.  Their music is a portal, an unapologetic escape from the city.  Their music has been described as both  'cinematic'  and 'epic' , but it is also uniquely their own.

John Kelleher (Rats Blood, GRIT) plays fiddle, Tim Ording (Melodica Deathship) plays melodica and produces the instrumentals.