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18th dye - Tribute to a bus

18th dye - Tribute to a bus

Label: Big Store
Release: 1994


01. Easy (& How We Got There First)
02. No Time / 11 (Spectators)
03.Glass House Failure
04. Poolhouse Blue
05. Misuo Downer
06. Play W/ You
07. Only Burn
08. Sole Arch
09. Go!song
10. Galeer
11. Label
12. D.


Last LP´s found in an old warehouse.
Yes, if you like Sonic Youth, you will like this band, although I have played some of the songs for non-Sonic Youth fans and they loved them, too.
18th Dye have split to pursue other projects, but what fantastic records they made during their short existence. Their live shows were incredible.
Trivia note: Yo La Tengo are big fans, and introduced Matador Records to 18th Dye's recordings. Matador were very impressed, and soon began releasing the band's records in the U.S.